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Does Social Media breakup the Marriage relationship?

Is Social Media the main reason to breakup the relationship

Most of the people marriage relationships were good until they started using Social Media sources.
Matrimonial enquiries a specific area of Investigation in the private detective. Best Detective Agency famous private detective on the lookout. Gathering evidence as Videos and photograph.
We have recently done a case which is a wife was cheating on him and he knew very well it. You can understand well, if you been in relation for many years” 
A Person Subhash (Name Change), was a Serviceman in South Delhi, told me on the mobile. Recently, Subhash, who had been married since 2014, decided to have her surveillance. The person who approached for the job was a Top Detective Agency expert in Delhi, He is an expert in the line of Investigation and also works for various Investigation Agencies in Delhi as an Investigation Expert”. Two Months ago, Vijay called Subhash to tell that his Mrs. was in a mall at Ghaziabad with a young boy who w…